March 16th, 2017. Miami Dade College.
H-20 Summit

High-level government representatives from over 40 countries attended the pre-summit roundtable discussion around increasing civic wellbeing and happiness. By invitation only.


The H(appy) 20

Symbolic of the best practices of the 20 Happiest Countries outlined in the World Happiness Report, this gathering discussed challenges and policies to promote happiness and wellbeing at the community, city, and country level.

Make History

Never before has a gathering of governmental leaders, forward-thinking economists, NGOs, NPOs, and groundbreaking technologists united in this unprecedented format around the data-driven science of happiness, to discuss challenges and develop policies at the community, city, and country level.

World Renowned Experts

The Governmental/Institutional Track united high-level representatives from over 40 countries, NGOs and eminent academics from around the world to share advances, challenges and best practices towards increasing the impact of global happiness across specialties, institutions and borders.