Josh Dueck


Canadian Para-alpine Champion, Gold Medal 2014 Sochi Paralympic Winter Games

In 2004, aspiring professional skier and coach, Josh Dueck was in a life-changing ski accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Life as he knew it no longer existed. From his hospital bed with the long months of recovery ahead, it was the initial encouragement from his Doctor that helped Josh re-dedicate his life to freedom; and the support of his now wife whom completely dedicated herself to his recovery. Rather than wallow in misery he chose to embrace the challenges he faced with an open mind. With the support of the ski community and vision to return to the mountains, his life became a series of (i’m)possible opportunities and experiences. By 2009, Josh was the Para-Alpine World Champion; he won a silver medal in Vancouver 2010 and an X Games gold medal in 2011. Then, came the backflip. After a year of planning and progression, Josh, his close friends and a film crew, lead by legendary industry director Mike Douglas, ventured into the Whistler backcountry to build a jump that would help land the first backflip on a sit-ski. On a perfect bluebird day in February 2012, Josh hit the jump, soared upside down and landed in the soft-snow below. It also landed Josh on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Some spirits are simply unbreakable. In Sochi 2014, Josh's story continued to inspire. On the 10th anniversary of his accident, he won a Paralympic silver medal for Canada. Days later, he won gold in the Super Combined to become Paralympic Champion and Canada's Flag Bearer. Like the backflip, his story has come full circle.

"Some spirits are simply unbreakable."