Every movement needs champions at WOHASU, Shapers, Game Changers, Organizations and Happiness Activists are catalysts to creating a better and more inclusive world, every day. Fellow Founders use their vision, time, creativity and passion for good, and share the benefits of their hard work to promote happiness and wellbeing.

In gratitude and awe, we introduce the Fellow Founders of the Happiness Movement.

Fellow Founders


Dr. Scott Cloutier

Dr. Scott Cloutier

Scott is an Assistant Professor, Walton Sustainability Fellow and Senior Sustainability Scholar within the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. He is focused on charting a new course for sustainability to maximize opportunities for happiness. Scott’s experience and expanding research agenda revolve around three key elements: (1) Sustainable Urban/Neighborhood Development research designed to integrate community development subsystems (e.g. water, waste, energy, transportation, business and economic development) to maximize community well-being through sustainable interventions; (2) Qualitative and Quantitative Mixed Method research designed to explore and reflect human/built-and-natural-environment/sustainability connections from both subjective and objective perspectives; and (3) Theoretical Processes research around constructs of quality of life, community well-being, subjective well-being (happiness), hedonia, eudaimonia and biological underpinnings.

Scott currently leads the Sustainable Neighborhoods for Happiness™ (SNfH) project - a multi-year research, teaching and applied sustainability effort to improve neighborhood well-being and the happiness of residents living within. The SNfH is a partnership between universities, local municipalities, city officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, faculty, staff and students. His work takes him to neighborhoods in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Guatemala and Denmark. He works closely with partners, residents and his students to identify pressing sustainability issues and, through participatory processes, develops and applies culturally sensitive solutions that maximize opportunities for happiness.