Every movement needs champions at WOHASU, Shapers, Game Changers, Organizations and Happiness Activists are catalysts to creating a better and more inclusive world, every day. Fellow Founders use their vision, time, creativity and passion for good, and share the benefits of their hard work to promote happiness and wellbeing.

In gratitude and awe, we introduce the Fellow Founders of the Happiness Movement.

Fellow Founders


Glenda Travieso

Glenda Travieso

Glenda was born in Venezuela and is the author of “Sanar es una Elección,” a self-help guide to understanding and overcoming depresion. She is a LifeCoach and a Neuro-linguistic Coach, certified by the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI). Glenda is an expert in emotional well-being and mood disorders with a Masrters in NLP, certified by the International Community of NLP (ICNLP) and by the Chilean association of NLP. She is also an Information Engineer with a master's degree in Industrial Engineering. She is currently training as a Family Constellator.
Glenda is a full-time blogger and writer, developing issues related to depression, personal growth and emotional well-being. She offers workshops and talks to help others expand their level of consciousness and discover their way to a more harmonious and happy lifes. She is an active collaborator of Inspirulina, a Hispanic platform with content dedicated to well-being and quality of life; and she is a fixed columnist at a Miami-based newspaper, “Intégrate News.”