Every movement needs champions at WOHASU, Shapers, Game Changers, Organizations and Happiness Activists are catalysts to creating a better and more inclusive world, every day. Fellow Founders use their vision, time, creativity and passion for good, and share the benefits of their hard work to promote happiness and wellbeing.

In gratitude and awe, we introduce the Fellow Founders of the Happiness Movement.

Fellow Founders


John Tukums

John Tukums

"Helping people rapidly achieve happiness, health and higher performance"

John Tukums is the Founder of DeepSubconscious, a company focused on helping people rapidly achieve happiness, health and higher performance through the science of deep positive psychology and deep physiology.

John developed Titan Happiness (™) to overcome his own mental and physiological health related challenges. The flagship program, available in 2017, will allow people to enhance their own mind and body to rapidly achieve an optimal state for change, and successfully overcome the key mental and physiological challenges that we all face.

John is a frequent speaker on the topic of happiness, well-being, neuroscience, positive psychology, health, higher performance and how we can unleash our Titan Happiness (™) to achieve a higher state of performance.