Every movement needs champions at WOHASU, Shapers, Game Changers, Organizations and Happiness Activists are catalysts to creating a better and more inclusive world, every day. Fellow Founders use their vision, time, creativity and passion for good, and share the benefits of their hard work to promote happiness and wellbeing.

In gratitude and awe, we introduce the Fellow Founders of the Happiness Movement.

Fellow Founders


Luc Lam

Luc Lam

the Founder and CEO of Good Yeti, a virtual reality marketing company

Luc is the Founder and CEO of Good Yeti, a virtual reality marketing company. He is a product developer focused on creating meaningful solutions at the intersection of humanism, business and technology.

Luc has created award-winning products across a range of industries: sewing & crafting, outdoor gear, power tools, medical prostheses and home appliances. His work at LG's Consumer Insight Lab focused on uncovering opportunities in the home appliance space that could influence trends for the next half decade.  He would like to apply these same techniques to help improve complex systematic problems that are being passed on to next generation.

Luc has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois and a master's degree in Product Design and Development Management from Northwestern University.