March 17th, 2017
Ice Palace Studios
59 NW 14th St, Miami, FL
9am - 6pm

The Future of Happiness @ WOHASU

The Future of Happiness track (FOH) of WOHASU was a full-day, invite-only event that included insightful keynotes and dynamic panel discussions from local, national and international leaders, and where we explored the intersection of happiness within an increasingly digitized life.





Founder & CEO, Xische & Co.

Danish is an investor, entrepreneur, strategist and father. He is the founder of hybrid consulting boutique Xische & Co. in Dubai and New York. Danish has been one of the youngest successful start-up entrepreneurs in the Middle East. After dropping out of 3 different universities, he founded new media firm in 2001 at age nineteen, later successfully exiting in 2004. Fueled by his personal philosophy of ‘hybrid thinking,’ he founded category-busting boutique consulting firm Xische & Co. in Dubai and New York. Danish has spent fourteen years advising, building, and managing ventures for clients such as the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Dubai, Dubai Holding, DIFC, Qatar World Cup, BMW & Giorgio Armani. Born in Libya, raised in Dubai, Danish is passionate about design, culture, technology, and entrepreneurship. He is an exhibiting artist, and a regular speaker at design and entrepreneurship events. He is a keynote speaker and visiting lecturer, and regularly blogs on topics including design thinking, entrepreneurship and business culture. When he’s not creating imaginary worlds with his sons, Danish’s idea of ‘time-off’ is playing angel investor and mentor to budding local startups in the UAE. He is Chairman of investment boutique Xische Holdings, a privately-held group that includes an emerging technology firm, a design consultancy and a recently launched Dubai-based startup incubator.