March 17th, 2017
Ice Palace Studios
59 NW 14th St, Miami, FL
9am - 6pm

The Future of Happiness @ WOHASU

The Future of Happiness track (FOH) of WOHASU was a full-day, invite-only event that included insightful keynotes and dynamic panel discussions from local, national and international leaders, and where we explored the intersection of happiness within an increasingly digitized life.





Founder of The Sacred Space Miami

The creative force behind Dascal and her decade of research and awakening all fuels a singular vision and passion for integrated, holistic living. She started her career in 1992, pioneering Miami’s most exquisite orals, events and culinary experiences. Her dynamic company included Roses by Karla, Karla Events & Catering and The Space. The hugely successful business of owing champagne and indulgences made Karla the go-to for A-listers and celebrities. A demanding career along with inner struggles led to 100 extra pounds and diabetes. It was Dascal’s inner voice and entrepreneurial style that led her to higher ground and gave her the platform to champion wellness. She embarked on a pioneering and spiritual journey to align health, business and family, and her —work has been in uential in driving the conscious movement in Miami, which is now fully realized at The Sacred Space Miami.

“We are creating a center for holistic transformation. It’s not for these who need it, it is for those who want it.”